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LiveControl is an integral part of AudioStation that allows remote control during live performances, with no need for monitor, keyboard or mouse.


With LiveControl you can:

  • instantly recall a single channel or the whole console settings
  • adjust volume, panpot, tones, effects and monitoring levels, mute and solo for each channel
  • adjust automated parameters for plugins
  • start playback and recording
  • Create and edit on-the-fly channel configurations and scenes from scratch.

Handles like a mixer

The use of LiveControl is simple and intuitive, allowing you to use it like a typical digital mixer.

The buttons of the different channels select which mixer channel to operate on.

Once the channel has been selected, adjustments can be made with Aux 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi, Mid & Low, Panpot and Volume knobs.

The display automatically shows the selected mixer channel, the parameter being adjusted and its value.
The selected channel is also indicated by the blinking light on its button.

Analog feel

For better/easier adjustments, LiveControl knobs respond to rotation speed: when rotated slowly they output variations in discrete steps; when rotation speed increases, variations progressively increase (by 10 or 100 units).

The high resolution data transmission allows seamless and smooth variations.

Each adjustment on LiveControl is automatically reflected on the console and viceversa.

The bi-directional communication, the high resolution data transfer protocol, the speed knobs and the direct selection keys give LiveControl a real analog feel.

Solo and Mute

LiveControl can also control Solo and Mute functions on every console channel.


A double click on the channel button enables or disables the Solo function for that channel.

When a channel is soloed, remaining channels are automatically switched off. The Solo state is signalled in the display as well.


A prolonged pressure on the channel button enables or disables the Mute function for that channel.

When a channel gets muted its button is turned off. The Mute state is also signalled in the display.

Selecting Patches and Performances

Channel patches and performances (console scenes) can be recalled either via MIDI (as explained in the Digital Mixer page) or by LiveControl.

To load a preset in memory, select the desired target channel, then browse the setup list by rotating Data knob, and finally press the knob.
To load whole console scenes (performance), simply select Master channel.

As an alternative, channel selection buttons can be used to enter directly the number of the desired preset, or to scroll to the previous or next preset with dedicated buttons Next (+) and Prev (-).

While using a combination of instruments and effects, it’s possible to choose a new setup and load it in the memory at the right time with just one click.

Transport buttons

LiveControl sports a group of buttons for controlling the audio/MIDI player/recorder integrated in the mixing console.

The same buttons can also be used to adjust the audio/MIDI click and even sequencers, drum and groove machines, either in plugin version or hardware.

Plugins control

At the touch of a button, LiveControl turns into a powerful and versatile control surface for real time adjusting of plugin parameters.

Each LiveControl knob can be assigned to one or more parameters (even from different plugins) for a given channel of the console, as described in the VST Player page. This allows the user to program up to 135 controls per scene!

Moreover, thanks to the relative increment adjustment mode, the Live Control knobs are always perfectly aligned with the parameters, so you’ll never experience annoying value gaps when turning on or off the Control surface mode

MIDI Panic

Although the Audiostation is equipped with sophisticated features to prevent the occurrence of  "stuck" notes, as described in the MIDI Patchbay page, this problem might still happen in the event of a malfunction of the  Master keyboard or MIDI cord.

In this case, the Audiostation has an advanced global intelligent MIDI Panic function, that acts simultaneously on the software instruments loaded in the console channels and on the external hardware instruments. With a double click on the Master button, all the ‘stuck’ notes will be immediately turned off without any impact on the execution.


As detailed in the Digital Mixer page, Audiostation has a useful automatic fadeout function, with programmable length for each setup, applicable to each channel of the console or Master.
To activate the fadeout simply select the desired channel keeping the Prev/Exit (-) button pressed for about 2 seconds.

On-the-fly Setup adjustments

A powerful feature of LiveControl is its ability to let you change options on the fly. Thus you can modify the content of patches and performances, and even create new ones.

Without having to use the screen, keyboard and mouse you can choose plug-ins and related presets, set up the main parametres of the MIDI Patchbay and output audio bus, and then save your modified options.